338 Lapua Ballistic Coefficient

338 lapua ballistic coefficient

Yes, the 338 Lapua has a high ballistic coefficient. It offers excellent accuracy, flat trajectories, and long-range performance. Its high velocity and low drag makes it an ideal round for long-distance shots. Additionally, its high ballistic coefficient provides a greater amount of retained energy over long distances, allowing shooters to make precise and accurate shots on target.

I’m sure you already know about the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient, but did you know all the amazing things this bullet can do? In this article, we’re going to explore the capabilities of the 338 Lapua and the advantages it offers. Stick around to learn why this is one of the best bullets on the market today!

Exploring Ballistic Coefficient & Its Impact On Accuracy & Performance

a shooter, understanding the basics of ballistic coefficient is essential for maximizing accuracy and performance. Ballistic coefficient is a number used to measure a projectile’s ability to overcome air resistance in flight.

The higher the number, the better the projectile will perform in flight, and the better the accuracy and performance of the firearm. The 338 Lapua is a great example of a round with a ballistic coefficient that is out of this world.

With a of .950, this round is sure to provide shooters with excellent accuracy and performance. From long-range precision to hunting, the 338 Lapua is the perfect round for any serious shooter.

Calculating Ballistic Coefficient To Maximize Shooting Potential

a shooter, I understand the importance of maximizing your potential with every shot. That’s why I’m passionate about understanding ballistic coefficients and how they can help improve my accuracy with each shot.

With the 338 Lapua, a high-powered rifle cartridge, I’m using the Ballistic Coefficient (Bto calculate the trajectories of my shots and adjust my aiming point. This allows me to get the most out of every shot and maximize my accuracy at various distances.

understanding the values for the 338 Lapua, I’m able to make adjustments to my aiming point and ensure that each shot lands right where I want it.

Unlocking The Benefits Of High Ballistic Coefficient

a shooter, you know how important a high ballistic coefficient is for long-range shooting. The 338 Lapua has a ballistic coefficient of .

636, making it one of the best rounds for precision shooting. With this high ballistic coefficient, the 338 Lapua gives you a flatter trajectory, increased accuracy, and less wind drift, making it ideal for long-distance shots.

A higher ballistic coefficient also means that the round will be more resistant to the effects of crosswinds, giving you greater accuracy and improved performance. With its high ballistic coefficient, the 338 Lapua is the perfect round for long-range shooting, allowing you to make the most of your shooting experience.

Comparing The Ballistic Coefficient Of Different Ammunition Types

a gun enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for ammunition that can give me the best performance. One of the most important metrics to consider when looking at ammo is the ballistic coefficient, and I’ve done extensive research comparing the ballistic coefficients of different types of ammo.

If you’re looking for a great round for long-range shooting, then you should definitely consider the .338 Lapua.

With a ballistic coefficient of .868, this round is one of the most aerodynamic on the market and can provide superior accuracy and performance. Whether you’re competing in a long-range shooting competition or planning a hunt, the .338 Lapua is an excellent choice.

Summary & Tips On Improving Ballistic Coefficient

a hunter or shooter, you want your 338 Lapua rifle to have the best ballistic coefficient it can. The 338 Lapua is a powerful round, so making sure you get the most out of it is key.

Improving the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient can be done in a few ways, and here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your rifle. First, using a high-quality barrel is essential.

Having a barrel that is properly machined and made from quality materials will ensure the best performance. Second, choose the right ammunition for your rifle. Matching the right powder and bullet can make a big difference in the ballistic coefficient. Lastly, make sure your rifle is properly maintained. Cleaning and lubricating your rifle regularly will help to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. Following these simple tips can help to improve your 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient and give you the performance you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient?

Answer: The 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient is a measure of how streamlined a bullet is, which affects its air resistance and ability to retain velocity. This particular bullet has a high ballistic coefficient of .750, giving it excellent aerodynamic properties and a high amount of retained energy down range.

2. What are the benefits of using a 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient?

Answer: There are numerous advantages to using a 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient, such as improved accuracy, higher retained energy down range, less wind drift, and improved trajectory. Additionally, this bullet is designed to penetrate barriers better than other bullets, making it ideal for long-range shooting.

3. What is the range of the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient?

Answer: The range of the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient can vary significantly depending on the rifle and cartridge used. However, this bullet is capable of achieving a maximum range of over 8,000 yards with the right rifle and cartridge combination.

4. What type of rifle is best for using the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient?

Answer: Generally, the best type of rifle for using the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient is a bolt-action, long-range sniper rifle. These rifles are designed to offer the most accuracy and consistent performance when shooting at long distances.

5. Is the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient legal for hunting?

Answer: Yes, the 338 Lapua ballistic coefficient is legal for hunting in most states. However, some states may have restrictions on the type of firearms and cartridges that can be used. It is best to check with your local game laws before using this bullet for hunting.


The 338 Lapua has a very impressive ballistic coefficient, making it a great choice for long range shooting. It’s high velocity and flat trajectory make it an excellent choice for precision shooting, and its accuracy and reliability make it a great option for hunters as well. With its high BC, the 338 Lapua is a great choice for any shooter looking for accuracy and performance downrange.

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