About Us

Who we are and what we do
Huntinghit is a place you can turn to when you are thinking about mounting or improving your computer and you need expert and impartial advice. Our talented team of computer editors and content writers work hard to make sure that every montage, review, and tutorial we publish is aimed at you.

From reviewing individual components to sharing the latest gaming and technology news and also helping you build your first or fifteenth computer – PC now seeks to empower you as a consumer. Made up of gamers, and for gamers, we are part of a publishing group that works hard to give consumers the ability to enjoy their games in their own way.

A Reliable Source
We never recommend a product that we have not tested ourselves and all of our computer mounts have been selected for quality and power. We like to use products and test them ourselves as much as possible before sharing them with you. This means that we will be able to inform you if something does not live up to our expectations.

The entire huntinghit team is made up of gamers and tech enthusiasts, so we know very well what we’re talking about. We know how frustrating it can be when your computer can’t run your favorite game, and we’re always the first to try out brand-new products.

Our Review Process
When you set out to build a computer, you have many options. Whatever your budget or level of expertise, huntinghit is here to make sure you can build the computer you really want. For each component there are hundreds of options, many of which have user reviews, which makes it difficult to know which one to choose.

This is where we come from

We test the products at our facilities and collect as much data as possible to provide reliable and personalized recommendations.

Some of the products we recommend have been shipped to us, and some are purchased with our own money – but they are all evaluated in the same way. We are not ashamed to say when something is not good, and we never let a brand dictate what we should say. This is why you can trust our reviews.

And because we are all real gamers and real computer builders, we know what we’re talking about and what really matters to you.

Independent Testing
We are all gamers, but we do not all play the same games. We have fans of AAA first-person shooter games like PUBG and CS: GO, gamers who have accumulated quite a few hours completing missions in Azeroth in World of Warcraft, and there are also those who always manage to get the best Indie game releases on the market.

Because of this, when we do tests, we do them for all gamers.

And we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We look for user reviews on the internet and we ask our readers for their opinion on everything we publish. We make sure your voice is heard on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our own dedicated community site.

Product Acquisition
The products we review are a mix of gifts and purchases of our own. However we purchase these products, our review process is not disrupted. We strive to remain entirely objective throughout the process, we are not afraid or ashamed to say that a product should be better, even if it was a gift given to us.

Our promise
We strive to give our readers the best advice on the internet. We work hard to deliver accurate, user-focused, and trustworthy content to help you make the best purchasing decisions.

We make money when a reader clicks on a product page and makes a purchase – but it doesn’t matter which one. This is why we want to make sure that we only direct you to the best of the best. If our readers don’t trust us, we gain nothing, so we do everything we can to sow and cultivate your trust in us.