Is It Better To Hunt Turkey In The Morning Or Evening

is it better to hunt turkey in the morning or evening

Yes, it is better to hunt turkey in the morning or evening. Morning is when the turkeys are most active and alert, making them easier to spot. Evening offers the advantage of cooler temperatures and lower light levels, which can help make the turkeys more comfortable and less likely to spook. Additionally, hunting in the evening allows hunters to take advantage of the turkeys’ natural roosting behavior.

you know the best time to hunt turkey? I’m here to answer that question and give you the tips to get the most out of your turkey hunting experience. Read on to learn why it’s better to hunt turkey in the morning or evening. You won’t want to miss out on this valuable information!

Choosing The Right Time Of Day – Factors To Consider

Hunting turkey is a popular activity for outdoor enthusiasts, but when it comes to the best time of day, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether you should hunt in the morning or evening depends on several factors.

In the morning, turkey are usually more active, making it easier to find them. However, they may not be as visible in the early morning light making it difficult to spot them among the foliage.

In the evening, turkey are more visible due to the low light conditions, but they may be less active. Additionally, the cooler temperatures and longer shadows in the morning can help you stay hidden from the turkey, while the warmer temperatures of the evening can make it harder to remain undetected. Ultimately, the best time of day to hunt turkey is up to you and your hunting style.

Morning Hunting – Pros & Cons

Hunting turkey can be a thrilling experience, but the timing of when to hunt them can make the difference between a successful hunt and an unsuccessful one. Many hunters debate whether it is better to hunt turkey in the morning or in the evening.

While there are pros and cons to both, only you can decide which is the best approach for your situation. In the morning, the light is better, the birds are more active, and you have more time to scout for the perfect spot.

On the other hand, in the evening, the birds tend to be more vocal and may be more likely to respond to your calls. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which time of day is best for you. understanding the pros and cons of morning and evening hunting, you can make the most informed decision and have a successful hunt.

Evening Hunting – Pros & Cons

Hunting for turkey can be a great experience, but the success of your hunt depends on the time of day you choose to hunt. While some people believe it’s better to hunt in the morning, the evening can also be a great time to hunt for turkey.

From the cover of darkness to the calls of the birds, there are pros and cons to hunting in the evening. an experienced hunter, I can tell you that there are definitely benefits and drawbacks to hunting in the evening, so consider the following before you decide which time of day is best for you.

First, the cover of darkness can provide you with excellent camouflage, making it easier to sneak up on your prey. Additionally, the evening hours can bring out more calls from the birds, which can help you locate them more easily. However, the downside is that you may not have as much time to react to a quick-moving target, and the birds may not be as active in the evening hours. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which time of day is best for your hunting needs.

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Hunt

If you’re wondering whether it’s better to hunt turkey in the morning or evening, the answer is it depends. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each time.

Hunting in the morning can be beneficial because the birds are more active, and the light is better for spotting game. However, the early morning air is often colder, so you’ll need to dress warmly for your hunt.

On the other hand, hunting in the evening provides you with more cover since the sun is setting, and you may be able to spot more game in the fading light. However, the air is usually warmer in the evening, so you’ll need to be prepared for higher temperatures. To make the most of your hunt, consider the time of day and the conditions, and plan your hunt accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it better to hunt turkey in the morning or evening?

Answer: Generally, it is recommended to hunt turkeys in the morning as they are more active at this time, and the light is better for visibility. Turkeys tend to move around more in the morning in order to forage for food, so you’ll have more opportunities to spot them. Additionally, the morning is usually quieter than the evening, so it is easier to remain hidden and undetected.


Overall, it is better to hunt turkey in the morning rather than in the evening. Hunting in the morning gives you the best chance of locating a turkey as they are more active during the day. Additionally, the morning light provides better visibility, making it easier to spot a turkey. Furthermore, the cooler morning temperatures will make it easier to stay hidden and avoid being detected by the turkeys. Finally, hunting in the morning also allows you to take advantage of the natural calls of the turkeys to help you locate them.

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